We started to disappear in the depths of noise
Send off the outward love lurking in our interludes

You mustn’t cry, someday when your heart wishes
For that which is twisted and alive, it’ll be hasty
A clear layer of indifference, you felt nothing at all like that?
The curtain rises and its nature is to fall again

Embraced by sorrow, we play the song of love

The emotions I can hear in your grieved cry
Are much more than I imagined, and the answer has no meaning
Someday we’ll follow the thread of ideals too far
We couldn’t even see a place to return to

Sakura and spring are falling, I don’t doubt it these days
Put the winter nights that dull our cheeks behind us
Since when was it? That I sing this song
Though I yearned for you, I can’t see tomorrow
If tonight is the end, Moon, briefly come down

Flowers dance in the night wind, the trees are all bending
I know now that even the blue sky is gloomy
How long has it been? That I remember
Though I yearned for you, I can’t see tomorrow
While it’s still night, Snow, come down
I’ll tell you tonight is not the end

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