A – Yoake no Anthem

Anthem of Dawn

Keep on this way!!

When it’s painful within the darkness
Your smiling face brings me light
Like a compass that illuminates hope
I lived until now being guided by it

With the stakes high we set our sights, High end
The sound of pretense won’t reach here
Rise up, with a voice that still doesn’t know anything
I’ll keep singing

What you searched for was a reverberating anthem
To wrap the world that had fallen to ruin in pure white
Even tiny cracks in the hearts of people lost in sorrow
The melody strongly pushes in and prises them open to fill them
Keep on this way!!

Lonely Race to ace
Back to back, hope and despair act as a Discord
I stopped the gears that didn’t mesh together
Before I couldn’t forgive myself

The fleeing World’s end I can seem to catch
I’ll put the days I lamented here
Hang in there, ride upon the fastest Rhythm
I’ll keep running

What you searched for was an anthem
To cross all boundaries and break the barrier of your heart
I think you’ll be waiting at the end of an unending road
Now I’ll face forth and walk without looking back Winding Road
Keep on this way!!

So I’ll see you and the city of sunrise colours
So the bell of forever will ring at that time
Just have this song in your heart as usual
It’s okay no matter how soft the sound you breathe out!
Because it’ll be drowned out by an explosive sound
Soul, just sing until you burst open!

Can you hear my voice?
Can you feel my heart?
The anthem crosses the length of lonely nights
I think you’ll be waiting at the end of an unending road
We’ll sing the melody eternally when I someday reach you
Song for you & I

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