9GOATS BLACK OUT – Tsuioku wa tsumi

Recollection is a Sin

My emotions that have already faded haven’t gone cold
When will the troubled behaviour end?
My sense of wanting to be loved pulls at my sleeves
“The moon’s chirping isn’t much on short summer nights”
Even the fear within dim light is lovely

Affections that are just entangled can’t be mistaken
Glaring at the sun, old rain was interrupted
Our sense of wanting to love each other steals the sound
“Even so, skin is white on dark nights.”
The sight that can make me dizzy is lovely

The swaying madder pricks us like it’s embracing us
Your dyed cheeks tell of selfishness. Recollection is a sin.

We must leave from lonely. but she like a mud.

Don’t just think about it, memories don’t sing
Begging love and forgiveness. You’ll know in the last chapter that it’s okay.

My sense of wanting to be loved raises its voice
“Homesickness is rumination and vertigo.”
Transience is the pain of love but it’s lovely

I’ll complain that I can’t forget the red tracing your neck
So shallow I can imitate them, these days of recollection

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