warbear – Train wa hikari he to mukau

The train is going towards the light

Buying only a single ticket, I get on an empty train
Following my crashed heart
There’s a place that I can’t reach, I’m just realising

The lightning is burning the field away, I stare at it through the train window without a word
Passing through your anger

Only one in the starry sky, only one in the countless grains
That I noticed, but
I can never get to it, the season has already changed

That’s right
Anyone can look up at, but
Not everyone can find
Tiny burning star

To the eye that’s like of a 13-year-old little girl just before abandoning something
The illumination of the parking area as if it was tempting a swarm of moth
Getting closer
Even if I get burned I don’t care
Going towards the light where the lightning strikes down

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