Aiko Moriyama – Tokyo banka

Tokyo Elegy

Can I return to meet you before the festival?
The short distance to return is far in my heart
It’s how I am today, and my grandfather
Holding my shoulder, he won’t let me
Haa, hey, the red sky
Wiping away my tears
Tokyo Elegy

The sunset in the gradation of an ink painting is a little despairing
The railway train’s steam whistle shrieks
Someday I’ll do it, I tell you
Fallen leaves of a dream piled up in my chest
Haa, hey, beloved
Just a drop of sake
Tokyo Elegy

The dried flowers of a white gourd
When will they bloom, quivering in the rain?
Supporting a dream, going alone
My willpower is the milestone of tomorrow
Haa, hey, isn’t it painful?
Shall I gather my defeats?
Tokyo Elegy

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