A – Rhapsody in Black

Rhapsody in Black

When I close my eyes I can see only you
This magnificence, a world of blindness
Memories that won’t fade, like a pretty dream
Though I wished to secure them with the hands of eternity

An illusion of you, breaking
Fate closes in
My field of vision goes to darkness
Break my heart

To measure the amount I was loved, it’ll fade away
And it seems I’ll lose my important person again
Utmost sorrow gives a resounding death cry
Rhapsody in Black

We can’t separate, we won’t separate, I need nobody but you
The rose-coloured future we thus vowed to each other
Forgive me. I can’t forgive you. Liar. It’s not a lie.
We’re out of sync somewhere, a puzzle that needs no handwork anymore

Your voice, getting hoarse
Polluted with emptiness
Your field of vision makes a sound
Break my heart

A crumbling ark tears our hands apart
And it seems I’ll lose my important person again
Though I search and search, screaming for help I can’t find
Rhapsody in Black

Swinging my arms free
Why were you laughing?
My field of vision is burning out
Feel the dark

I have loved, now I can love nothing but loneliness
I want to secretly throw everything away and disappear
While I knew this was my last moment, I listened when bodies piled up
Rhapsody in Black

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