A – Ouvertura

The bell of the beginning conceals your wounds
Distress marks the end

To release your sleeping true heart*1
I’ll now call for the time to awaken

At least the melody in my chest won’t be bound to anyone*2
Resounding toward a world we still can’t see

Spread your bluish-white wings and we’ll cross the sea of tears
A vivid road! Anywhere, along with the light
The transparent wind carries us beyond the sky with no name
Because I want to show you a paradise where sorrow has vanished
Fly away

Abandon your fractured body
Meet at the source of my voice
Any time now, that door will open, Ah

Laughing together as we are, we’ll search for land to rest
Obstructed days! Anywhere, spreading out to the future
All lies lose their meaning and we’ll feel them melt into the sky
Because I want to show you a paradise where blessings have fallen
Fly away

Lei dovrebbe volare via…*3




*1 – (kokoro; “heart”) is sung, but it’s written as 意誠 (idea + truth)
*2 – (oto; “sound”) is sung, but it’s written as 旋律 (senritsu; melody)
*3 – The last bit is Italian for “You should fly away…” I left it as Italian in the translation to more accurately reflect the intention of the original lyrics.

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