All Kagrra, translations, most of which are done by Sparrow unless otherwise credited, can be found at Demon Passion.

This includes:

  • the entirety of Isshi’s lyrics (CROW, Kagrra, shiki∞project~志陰謀~)
  • Isshi’s published stories from Sacra photobook, CD Data magazine, and his posthumous book 音怪 一志耳袋 (Onkai Isshi Mimibukuro)
  • Isshi’s magazine columns 徒然日記 (Tsurezure Nikki) and 童謡浪漫譚 (Douyou Roumantan)
  • interviews with Isshi, as well as full-band interviews
  • snippets from Auga (fanclub) content.

Demon Passion is updated with a new translation at least once monthly.