9GOATS BLACK OUT – Den lille Havfrue

The Little Mermaid

I rescued you because it’s love after all
Despite the cicada’s loud voices it’s so cold and oppressive
I looked down to the sound that escaped your open lips as if unaware
After words that continue emotionlessly, your voice seems to be crying

Your smiling face is too frail, so beautiful you’re scary
Why did you laugh? The sun sinks so the moon can shine

You’re always there laughing like that
Breaking the bodies that seem to vanish as usual
Though I draw on a starry night that should be shining I part with you
However I do it, the night sky is dark

I gently interrupted your tearful voice, places too wide are uncomfortable
The words I suddenly spit up are nothing but memories
The sighs lined up in a showcase are weakly piling up
Concealed before my eyes like in a cocoon

Drifting, floating on withered waves, my grieving voice blooms
Is it okay that people are exchanged and forgotten?

You’re always there laughing like that
Recalling those days of being broken
Though I reach my hands out to the starry sea
I lose even the oars I started rowing with and I can’t move from here

People who disappeared on starry nights, people who float in the starry sea
Add colour to the distant sky so that I can take your hand
The voice calling me to the dark side is the voice that searches for you
It opened again, the door of night that makes me remember

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