A razor’s exquisite skill, a stage tangled up like quivering ivy
Let’s unite in the mirror and dance
Put your sins to the wind. Is weakening either good or evil?

A new stage, a space only Bacchus will inhabit
I don’t want to part from hands that seem helpful
A vague, stunted dummy, in the sky that was swallowed up
A clan of despair, a cute you
It’s okay, come here, to a world you still can’t see

Even as dancers think that tomorrow is coming
Who is seeing this dance for the first time?
Alone in a pitiful hut, even the light won’t turn on
I was repeating ‘Thank you, thank you.’

The canary sings. Who lies face-down in the night?
There is nobody to whom I’ll confess my love
As if chirping, put the sky showing through pampas grass behind you
Making you repeat ‘Thank you, thank you.’

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