Baiser – 狂人日記 (Kyoujin Nikki)

Diary of a Madman

“Repeating many times, many times,
I dream that you smile without knowing the end, in the flow of time.
Was I left alone? Was I brought to my end alone?
I don’t understand even that.
I’ll meet you who waited like this, bloodstained you…”

In an uninhabited room, a room without even you
I dream I was locked up all alone… I dream…

I won’t go back anymore, to the neverending moments…

“Time that I can’t break smiles at me.
Is this a dream? In my hallucinations
The meaningless emotion called love made blood rush to my head.
You, you aren’t here with me.”

Where is an uninhabited place, a place without even you…
In a dream where I’m locked up all alone… time…

I won’t go back anymore, to the neverending moments…
Repeating many times, am I going crazy?

Am I strange? Broken room
Who is strange? Maddened time*
Are you strange? Neverending dream
What is strange? Time repeating itself
Am I strange? Broken room
Everything is strange? Maddened time*

“In my end, you were brought to an end.
You who decomposed were scattered before.
You, nothing but bones. Me, the strange one.”



*The “maddened time” lines were written 繰り返す時間 (time repeating itself) but sung 狂った時.

The phrases in quotes and italics are spoken parts that weren’t printed in the CD booklet.

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