A crow at the water’s edge, at the moment of suicide
Its fate is trampled underfoot anyway
Raising the vigor, ah, you look just like a fool
Completely exhausted

Blue, is it just a reply to expectations?
Blue, if even tears won’t spill every day
We’ll make it a sea burial, boogie’n bluesy
Blue, a song of accelerating love
Blue, listen to it somewhere else
I can’t hear your voice anymore

Lament scattering to the edge. Are you okay?
It’s scary, scary
It was in your smile, ah, you look just like a fool
Completely broken

Blue, the torches are a summer banquet
Blue, if we make them bloom prettily
Show me how they disappear at midnight
dance to dance & dust to dust
Blue, light enough to dance in the wind
Blue, until the spell is broken
I dreamt that the song of ash I prayed will get through

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