androp – Tonbi

Black Kite

A former time when I laughed and cried
I’ve endured feelings of the past and present for some time
Still the hydrangeas bloom prettily
Recalling, recalling, I’ll draw them

The distant, deep sky and the land
Words that flowed from the sound of Kama Sutra
Still disappear and fall along with the rain
I kept thinking and thinking about them

Part of my heart dreams of and breaks fleeting delusions
The wrong emotions, but at the end of it I’m alone
I did it over again
Faster than slicing the wind

Above the stalling clouds
Overflowing, overflowing, overflowing
But only if I had hands now I could try to touch you

The horizon of darkness and light
The threshold of loveliness and heartache

Crying is a step to being depressed
Am I living with my faults in a vanished forest?
“Sorrow” and “Emptiness”
I cried and screeched

Far away, the evening I vowed
The trap I happened upon, the tears you spilled
Still cool me down splendidly
I kept asking and asking about it

We passed by and exchanged our hearts
The wrong emotions, but at the end of it there’s just one
I did it over again
Faster than seeing my destiny

You aren’t here
At my side, at my side, at my side
If only I could touch you, try holding you


The speedy blue
Eternally, eternally, eternally
Though I search for all of you now, you aren’t there
Even my smile is changing, washed away by time
Because if I look back now I’m already crying

However, if you look up at the sky when a Black Kite screeched
Surely it’ll be searching for you somewhere
In your sleep




The black kite is a bird, not a child’s toy.

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