androp – Star

You aren’t alone, I’m always at your side
The tears that flowed are still brimming over, but

It’s okay, it’s okay, because soon you can smile again
Hey, we’ll meet tomorrow together

I’ll be there, I’ll be at your side
If you are here, I’ll reach out my hand
Together forever
A light shone from the darkness
The glimmer I see is a Star

Even if the flowing time breaks your heart
Even if your dreams fall to the depths of your sorrow

It’s okay, it’s okay, we can get through it together
Tied together, tied together, because I’ll sing

Wherever we are, even if we’re apart
You’re here, that much gives me meaning
It won’t ever change
Even if I’m hurting I’ll try to love
This world with you in it

I want to be me who doesn’t belong to anyone else
I promise to my hearts’ content
Before it disappears

I’ll be there, I’ll be at your side
If you find yourself lacking, if you compare yourself to others
Just be as you are
I’m here, smile for me
You’re a glimmering light, a Star

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