androp – Songs

If I hum my thoughts I don’t expect will reach you one by one
I’ll show you the sky is different in the world you should be used to

I remember your voice, your smiling face
The nights we cried together too

Though you’ll lose the “truth” in so many voices
It seems even your smiling face from that time disappears with anguish

Today it ends, everything ends
I want you to laugh this time tomorrow
Does my voice reach you? Because I’ll go meet you
Because you aren’t alone

Reach, reach, always, always
I want to be at your side
Wherever you are, I’ll scream so you can hear me
Carried on my songs

So many nameless memories and pale dreams
A heart that was hurt repeatedly still remembers

We’ll be connected, now, we’re connected
I’ll light the lights without change
Because I’ll illuminate you, because we can go anywhere
Because we can cross over

Sing, sing, always, always
I want you to share the piling up sorrows and violent loneliness with me
We’ll go together

It reached you, it reached you, surely, yes surely
With you at my side, I laugh like I can go anywhere

Reach, reach, always, always
I want to be at your side, so you can always laugh
Carried on my songs

My thoughts that reach you one by one dance in the sky

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