Suppose if wings grew on my back
Where would you say I could go?
With entwined chains

Powerfully, powerfully, powerfully,
I’ll lay bare those wounds
And bewitch your everything, without lies

Like a flapping bird beneath the black sun
Earnestly dancing in the sky
With a pure figure, you should be clad in dreams
And be by my side eternally

It is the fate of things with a form to eventually disappear
That’s the fake fur of pretense, unadorned emotions

The moon, the wind, and the stars
Life, and living things
Like kneeling, Naked Beauty Face

The instinctual shine of a dark diamond
Living, smiling, and entrusting
Lewd as you are, you should indulge in love
And be by my side eternally

Nude like that and speaking with your soul
I’ll embrace even your violated flesh
So you should laugh forever, until the final day
And be by my side eternally

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