ADOLF – Kirisame Backstreet

Drizzle Backstreet

If you want to know why I don’t put up my umbrella when rain falls
It seems like you want to get wet if it rains when you cry
I was taught from the time I was 14, 15 years old
I can’t go back to playing bad on my own

The heat waves wrap us both up
If we can’t go back, just like that time
When I wanted to be held by you once more
We could never become like this, right?

It’s just me walking the backstreets like a stray cat

Why don’t I put up my umbrella though the rain is falling?
I’m rushing out without knowing where you are

The darkness was scary because something was there
Implicating words filled with poison, good night

Ah, please give my youth back to me
I understand it’s am impossible thing but
We won’t separate if I don’t release your hand
An umbrella with a broken handle, drizzle in the city

It’s just me walking the backstreets like a stray cat

I want to meet you, no matter what I want to meet you now
I’m searching so much I’m about to die
“You idiot, you’ve gotta be joking,” you laugh
I wait for you to return

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