Antikythera – Ensei no endroll

End credits of Pessimism

A calm plaza on a holiday afternoon
Balloons floating up to the sinking evening sun
How long has it been like this here?
Children dancing and dancing with a lively song

When I notice, everyone’s hands and feet are worn out
Accompanied by voices thinking of home

Closing my eyes, goodnight, I’ll sleep a little
The difficult book will be thrown away tomorrow
Sand castles crumble if you walk through them
I’ll reach out to catch it, with a bitter laugh

The bottom where I arrived is a deposit of memories

A calm plaza on a holiday afternoon
Scenes floating up to the sinking evening sun
Though I hold on to a vestige, this may be the end here
The children are still dancing, to the distant sound of a flute

The warning can bind everyone’s hands and feet
I’ll light a fire and be struck by gazing

Closing my eyes, goodnight, I want to sleep more
Trivial stubbornness is already abandoned on the ground
The sand castles crumbled when I walked through them
Even my unfussy heart still has strength

The intentions of people who are perpetually connected
Can easily crumble sand castles

That place where I arrived is like a paradise

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