About The Translators:

Mana – I started translating lyrics and interviews of mostly Visual kei bands back when I was in high school. Now I focus on Japanese rock, indie rock and pop artists. I’ve been working as a freelance translator for a while, so I’m open to any kind of translation, transcription and subtitling jobs, not limited to music-related projects.

I’ve been studying Japanese since my first year of high school, and managed to pass JLPT N1 last year. I use Japanese language every day with my family and also spent several months in Japan before. Translating isn’t just work for me, it’s my hobby, my passion.

Sparrow – Translating started as a hobby for me in 2009, when I was mainly translating Isshi’s blog posts and Kagrra’s lyrics. Since then I’ve moved into more complex things like interviews and Isshi’s short stories. I also translate stuff by other bands, including but not limited to Visual Kei, and have recently branched out into translating video game supportive content as well.

I have taken several Japanese courses at my University as part of my Linguistics minor. Otherwise I’ve self-tutored with the help of my numerous textbooks and online resources, earning me a reading comprehension level that surpasses my listening comprehension.


About The Site:

Ajisai Translations is where we host our translations of lyrics, articles, interviews, and other content by Japanese artists. If there is something you would like to see that isn’t already listed in the site, please feel free to send us an e-mail to request it. We do ask a small fee for translation requests as it takes hard work to produce quality content.

If you would like to request a translation, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact Mana or Sparrow via e-mail at ajisai.translations@gmail.com