Alice Nine – Kasumi

Flower Haze

A beautiful wild rose that seems to vanish
It’s close, I just watch it sinking

The scarlet thread comes untied
And gently reels me in, far away

If I were to touch it, it’ll disappear
I have a feeling tomorrow won’t come anymore

Inside a cage, you smile like you’re singing
But you’re so far away when I call your name

The lies will become poison before long
Leading away my sweet dreams

Quarreling lights that seem to vanish
They covet a single drop of darkness

I can still breathe, can’t I?
I’ll kill the false tenderness

Inside a cage, you smile like you’re singing
Because I’m bringing back your name
Nobody else can take your place
Because I’m calling your name

I’ll tie you to the waning moon so you won’t disappear

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