Stop with the “Do you want to be loved?”
Embracing each other sadly, sadly
Stop with the “Do you want to be hated?” too
There’s even corruption in piousness
Everything is a selected card. Do you want to trade them?
Tediously, byebye

Come, lick my sweaty neck. The claws digging into my skin don’t hurt
I have leeway, come and open wide. Hooves sounded and I went to meet you
An anxious and scared wish – getting close to someone
A cherry I lost interest in, so to speak. Someone crunches its seeds.

Defeated by heat, the day changes to night
More love, more lies, it’s no good to have been drunk
I want to satisfy you before morning comes
Because now I want you to forget the scattered and entwined threads

strip waver

Blurred memories. The dark, harsh past that burned
Just forget it for a moment
See a dream and smash it, and just do it over again
I also think ways to have been violated are beautiful

I’ll try getting undressed. An umbrella for despair
Shouldn’t you be getting more drunk on desire?
I want to appease my thirst before the sweat dries
The fluttering and falling threads gaze at you
Tediously, byebye

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